image: Jessica Grilli

image: Jessica Grilli


about us

After years of honing their skills in the floral industry, friends Megan and Morgana came together to form one of Melbourne’s most exciting new studios; Candy MT. This rule breaking venture promises a fresh and forward-thinking approach that transcends traditional floristry. With a curatorial eye, other elements such as textiles, lighting and soundscapes, are woven into the scenes Megan and Morgana create, ensuring their work goes beyond industry definitions and limitations. Since starting in Spring 2017, Candy MT has been busy creating beauty in all its forms. From rambling ceremony aisles that transport us to a forgotten meadow, to a dune-like marigold oasis.

The name Candy MT is taken from the flower Digitalis purpurea “Candy Mountain” But really it’s more of a magical land where your flower dreams come true.

what we do

Candy MT presents a new visual dialogue between a space and passionately designed floral solutions. We deliver high quality and originality driven designs that speak to each unique occasion. The gritty and polished, daring and gentle. Every floral composition is a loving homage to nature’s constant expression of beauty.

Offering Transformational arrangements and styling of floral scapes for discerning clients across the following:

  • Weddings,

  • Advertising and brand expression

  • Fashion and editorials

  • Film

  • Artistic direction

  • Creative and immersive events